Intrax is a U.S. Department of State designated J1 visa sponsor. We provide visa sponsorship and on-program support for international college students and recent college graduate students for more than 10 years. Our global network coupled with local staff provides exceptional support for both you and your participants from start to finish.


Placement or J1 Visa Service

We sponsor your intern´s visa!
We sponsor your intern´s visa!

You have received a very convincing application from an international student or young professional from abroad and now want to add this talent to your company? We second your decision!

We recruit your next international Talent!
We recruit your next international Talent!

We cooperate with several thousands of companies, prospective interns from abroad, universities and the U.S. Department of State. Intrax connects you with students and young professionals from all over the world. They are highly motivated and eager to gain valuable professional experience as they contribute to your company’s goals.

J1 Intern Service – Your Benefits

  • Invest in cultural diplomacy

  • Grant a young person exposure to American business methods

  • Foster mutual understanding

  • Build long-lasting friendships abroad for America and its law and democracy

  • Gain a fresh, global perspective

  • Gain an insider’s experience with a foreign market

  • Gain an eager, dedicated, motivated talent willing to come a long way from home to help your company grow

  • Gain a potential future business partner for investment and more international contacts

Let Intrax assist you

You would like to host a J1 intern? Start the application process with Intrax now.

J1 Intern Service – Host Company Requirements

Our process is fast, straight-forward and easy, taking little of the valuable time of a host company’s supervisor or HR department staff. If you can confirm the following question, you fulfill the J1 requirements for host companies:

  • The position you are offering belongs to one of the internship fields listed above

  • You can provide a suitable office work place to the J1 intern

  • You do not aim to replace an American employee with a J1 intern

  • You do not hire a J1 intern instead of an American employee

  • You enjoy being able to train young people from abroad because they bring a new cultural element to the workplace.

  • Your J1 intern will have a designated supervisor to advise the intern and monitor progress

  • If you have more than 1 J1 intern at a time, your headcount is 5 American employees per 1 J1 intern

  • Your website is in English and the office language is English

  • You ensure that your J1 intern will participate in cultural activities thus getting to know the American Way of Life

Business Fields

We can help you and your J1 intern or trainee to design the internship according to J1 regulations if the position is in one of the following areas:


i.e. Business Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Commerce

 Public Administration & Law
Public Administration & Law
 Information Media and Communications
Information Media and Communications

i.e. Information Media; Journalism; Digital Media; Publishing; Communications; Social Media; Public Relations; Radio & Television


i.e. Architecture; Engineering; Industrial Occupations; Information Technology; Mathematics; Sciences; Software; Web Development

 Hospitality & Tourism
Hospitality & Tourism

only 4 and 5 star hotels; only restaurants rated as „fine dining“

 Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture

i.e. Visual and Performing Arts; Crafts/Craft Design, Folk Art and Artisanry; Dance; Design and Applied Arts; Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft; Film/Video and Photographic Arts; Fine and Studio Arts; Music; Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management

The accompanying paperwork consists of 1) signing an agreement that you abide by J1 visa regulations. 2) documenting your eligibility by filling in the DS-7002 training plan, a DOS document. Next to asking about the J1 intern’s role, tasks, methods of learning and supervision, it requests your EIN, number of employees, address, workers’ compensation insurance and the program dates.

J1 Visa validation call / company visit

If we have not worked with you in the past sponsoring one of your J1 interns, we will ask you to schedule a call with us at your convenience. During the call, we will ask you to confirm the J1 intern’s placement according to the information you have provided. We will gladly answer any further questions you might have.

If we have not worked with you before and your company’s annual turnover is below $3 Mill. and you have less than 25 employees, the DOS requests an in-person site visit. You can obviously schedule such a visit to your company at your convenience. This visit is of no cost to companies.

This visit is of no cost to companies.

Please note: We would also need to do a site visit during the program if your company relocates and does not meet the requirements mentioned above.

Please keep in mind that we cannot issue the DS-2019 form which your J1 intern needs unless we have received your paperwork and spoken with you.

J1 Intern Service – Intern Requirements

If eligible, it is not difficult for your intern or trainee to obtain a J1 visa.

Checking the requirements is the responsibility of your J1 intern and us as J1 visa sponsor. Please recommend to your J1 intern to visit our website for J1 interns. If you like to evaluate yourself whether you want to invest the time in an application from abroad the following criteria should help you decide:

  • Your J1 intern has completed at least two semesters at a university or college outside the USA or has graduated from university or college less than 12 months ago.

  • Your J1 trainee has graduated from university or college at least one year ago and has at least one year of relevant work experience.

  • Your position relates directly to your J1 intern’s field of study or to your J1 trainee’s field of profession.

  • High school leavers cannot apply for a J1 internship visa.

  • Even if the internship is voluntary, unpaid and/or for a very short duration, applicants need to apply for a J1 visa and must fulfill the J1 visa requirements.

Our service is free of charge to U.S. companies. If you do, however, decide to cover the J1 visa service costs for your J1 intern, please let us know so that we can invoice you instead.

Please note that Intrax is not involved in the decision of financial or non-monetary compensation. We do check that the J1 intern has sufficient funds, $1500 per month, at his or her disposal. This may be via a parental guarantee, private funds, host company stipend, ongoing salary from the company in the J1 intern’s home country or a mixture of all of the above. 

Host companies should be aware of the Department of Labor guidelines outlined in "Fact Sheet: #71: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act" to confirm whether or not the internship position should be paid according to minimum wage guidelines. In addition, host companies and participants should consider the cost of living for the US city where the program will take place, as well as the cost of travel and basic living expenses when determining compensation for the J-1 Intern/Trainee. 

Apply Now for Your J1 Visa

Finished with reading? Ready to apply? We welcome you and your intern/trainee to apply with us for a J1 visa.