Many university departments are including a mandatory internship into their curriculum or at least strongly encourage their students to integrate practical experience into their academic schedule. More and more students now aim to enhance their academic achievements with the acquisition of professional skills relevant to their future career. The added benefits of an internship in another country are obtaining a global perspective, intercultural skills and often highly improved foreign Business language skills.

The outstanding position of the United States in world politics and world economy makes it especially attractive for international students to gain first-hand experience at an American workplace. Intrax partners with universities world-wide to support their students gaining experience in practical and professional settings in the United States.

J1 Visa for Your Students’ Internships in the USA

Intrax is an official J1 visa sponsor for various J1 cultural exchange programs among them the J1 internship program. We became a designated J1 visa sponsor more than 30 years ago and give expert advice and provide guidance and support to students, companies, universities. If your institution offers a university internship program in the USA, we welcome you to use our experience and knowledge surrounding all J1 visa regulations and to direct your students to our program website for students.

J1 Visa Service for Self-Arranged Internships in the USA

Students often find their internship position with the help of their university department, career service or international office. For any internship in the USA, regardless of the length, interns need to apply for a J1 visa at a U.S. consulate. Prior to applying for the J1 visa, students need to choose a J1 visa sponsor who collects documents from the student and the host company and speaks with both sides to verify eligibility and compliance with the J1 visa regulations. As proof of such confirmation, the J1 visa sponsor then issues the DS-2019 document which the student needs to bring to the visa appointment at the U.S. consulate.

Intrax Placement Service

If your institution experiences a sudden increase in students’ interest in interning in the United States which you cannot meet with your portfolio of company affiliations, we are very happy if you could redirect your students to our placement service. We have recently started a pilot program for students from Europe. Our internship placement service can help you to find a U.S. Host Company seeking interns or trainees.

Our great service will only invoice the student after we have found an interested company in the student’s field of study and if the student agrees to interview with the potential host company. No application fee prior to this point.

  • the DS-2019 document at the end of a thorough validation process

  • further visa assistance

  • the $180 SEVIS fee (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System monitored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

  • pre-departure orientation

  • emergency medical & accident insurance

  • 24-hour on-program and emergency Support

J1 Internships – Dates and Requirements

Intrax sponsors J1 visa for internships from 4 weeks to 12 months. Students may apply and begin their programs year-round. Students may apply for an internship to start after completion of at least two semesters up to 12 months after graduation from university.  The internship must relate directly to the field of study.

Intrax issues the DS-2019 form within 2 weeks after having received all documents and the program fee. What might prolong the process: Documents needing correction, intern or supervisor being unresponsive to calls, the company needing an on-site visit (less than 25 employees and less than $3 Mill. annual revenue), long visa wait times at the U.S. consulate.

Intrax confirms J1 visa eligibility by conducting a phone interview with the intern to confirm advanced English language skills and by scheduling a phone call with the supervisor of the US host company to confirm the placement and ensure that the supervisor understands the concept of the J1 visa designed for an education and work-based cultural exchange program. Intrax collects specific documents from intern and host company as proof of both sides fulfilling J1 requirements.

Please visit the website for students to see the list of specific J1 visa requirement for interns and their host companies.

Designated Internship Fields for the J1 Visa Sponsor Intrax

Intrax has been authorized by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor J1 visa for these internship fields:


i.e. Business Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Commerce

Public Administration & Law
Public Administration & Law
Information Media and Communications
Information Media and Communications

i.e. Information Media; Journalism; Digital Media; Publishing; Communications; Social Media; Public Relations; Radio & Television


i.e. Architecture; Engineering; Industrial Occupations; Information Technology; Mathematics; Sciences; Software; Web Development

Hospitality & Tourism
Hospitality & Tourism

only 4 and 5 star hotels; only restaurants rated as „fine dining“

Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture

i.e. Visual and Performing Arts; Crafts/Craft Design, Folk Art and Artisanry; Dance; Design and Applied Arts; Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft; Film/Video and Photographic Arts; Fine and Studio Arts; Music; Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management


For the following internship areas, you will unfortunately need to look for a different J1 visa sponsor:

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Construction & Building Trades, Education, Social Sciences, Psychology, Library Science, Counseling & Social Services, and Health-related Occupations.

J1 Visa Service Costs and Benefits

The U.S. government has decided students may only apply at a U.S. consulate for a J1 internship visa after having received the DS-2019 document from J1 sponsor organization confirming that they are eligible and fulfill all J1 requirement. For checking, ensuring and guaranteeing compliance.

We invoice the J1 visa service program fees to the student. Please visit the website for students to see the costs per calendar month and a list of program benefits. There are no hidden fees.

  • Our J1 visa service already includes the $180 SEVIS fee for the U.S. government’s database “Student and Exchange Visitor Information System”.

  • Our J1 Visa Service does not ask the students pay for the grace period, in case they plan to be in the USA before and after their internship.

  • Medical insurance is included.

  • We invoice students the J1 visa service program fees only after we have collected and checked their documents and have conducted the obligatory phone interview. In some cases, host companies are willing to pay the J1 visa service fee on behalf of their future intern.

Partner Discount for Your University’s J1 Interns

Please contact us to discuss a closer cooperation between your university and Intrax, enabling your students to receive a discount for our J1 visa service. If we can sponsor the requested internship field for a J1 visa application and if your students are eligible, we would gladly consider such a discount.