To complete an internship or training in the USA, you will need a valid J1 visa from a J1 visa sponsor. As a J1 visa sponsor, it is our responsibility to check and verify that you and your host company abide by the J1 visa regulations. So please check if you and your host company will meet the program requirements before you register yourself at MyIntrax. You can decide whether you should apply as an intern or as a trainee depending on the category requirements.

J1 Visa Requirements for Interns

As a J1 Intern You Need To

  • have an internship position in the USA which relates to your field of study

  • be fulltime enrolled at an accredited university or college student outside the USA

  • have completed at least two semesters by internship start

  • have not graduated more than 12 months before the internship start date

  • limit the internship duration to 12 months or less

  • have advanced English language skills

  • proof of funding of at least $1500 per month

  • be at least 18 years old

  • (no need to have prior work experience)

J1 Visa Requirements for Trainees

As a J1 Trainee You Need To

  • have a training position in the USA which relates to your field of study and your work experience

  • have graduated from a university or college outside the USA

  • have at least 1 year of professional work experience in your field of study

  • in lieu of an academic degree you have acquired 5 years of professional work experience

  • limit the training duration to 18 months or less (12 months if it is training in a hotel, restaurant or in tourism)

  • have advanced English language skills

  • proof of funding of at least $1500 per month

  • be at least 20 years old

Apply Now for Your J1 Visa

Know enough already? You would like to apply right now for our J1 Visa Service? If you are a student or young professional who has found an internship or training opportunity at a U.S. company, we welcome you to apply with us for a J1 visa.

Proof of J1 Visa Eligibility for Your Internship or Training in the USA

While you yourself know that you fulfill the J1 visa requirements, we need to verify that we have screened your application by collecting supporting documents and by assessing your level of English. We need to ensure that you leave your home country well-prepared and we are obliged to monitor your internship while you are on program.

These are the documents confirming eligibility:

  • Certificate of Enrollment at an accredited university or college outside the USA

  • University Transcripts or list of courses in case it is not clear that the field of study directly relates to the projects and goals stated on the Training Plan

  • Trainees submit a copy of their degree

  • C.V./resume

  • Copy of Passport

  • Financial Resources of at least $1500 per month, either via stipend from the host company, letter of guarantee from parents or a bank statement about private savings

  • Signed Terms & Conditions outlining the responsibilities, goals and requirements of a J1 internship or training program

J1 Visa English Interview
We Assess Your Level of English

In addition to the requested documents, Intrax schedules an interview by phone or Skype to evaluate that the intern or trainee’s English language skill are advanced enough for an American workplace. The call also serves as an opportunity to give further program advice and answer any further questions you might have.

J1 Visa Preperation
Start Your Program Well Prepared!

Once you are just about ready to begin your program, we will ask you to conduct an online orientation in preparation for your departure to the United States. We will remain in touch with you throughout the program to answer any questions you may have.

J1 Visa Check-Ins
We Confirm Your Well-Being on Program

Before and on program, you will receive e-mail notifications from the MyIntrax Portal. That way, you will be alerted to supply information on your embassy interview date, the date you received your visa, and your flight information.

J1 Visa Remuneration and Taxes

The J1 visa is not a work visa and thus payment is not a J1 visa requirement. Intrax accepts both unpaid and paid internships on the J1 visa. As a J1 Sponsor, Intrax needs to verify that you have $ 1500 per month at your disposal, whether it is from your own funds, a guarantee, payroll from a company in your home country or through a stipend from the J1 host company or a mixture of all.

In the case of a paid internship in the U.S., you will receive the W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) document which lists both your salary and the paid taxes by February of the following year. By April, you must have completed the tax return and send it to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) together with the W-2. Please check your first paystub to ensure that you employer is not withholding taxes for social security and medicare benefits. Since you are not eligible for either you are exempt from paying those taxes.

Tax Refund

There are many companies that offer to apply for the tax refund on your behalf. They will either keep a percentage of your tax return or deduct a specific amount. Your program manual contains more information about taxes.

Apply Now for Your J1 Visa

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