Our J1 visa program fees for an internship or training in the USA are very transparent. There are no hidden costs. Registering on MyIntrax Portal is free of charge. Before we invoice you the program fee for sponsoring your J1 visa and issue the DS-2019 form, we first give expert advice to you and your host company and collect all documents required for an internship or training in the USA.

In some cases, the J1 host company offers to pay for the cost of the DS-2019. Please let us know if the invoice for the J1 visa service is to be sent to your internship host company.  

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J1 Visa Program Costs – Our Benefits

Due to our many years of experience with the DS-2019 for the J1 visa application for an internship or training in the USA, we can assure you of a transparent and efficient cooperation with host companies, interns and trainees.  We will provide you with information on the status of your application so that you can plan your travels accordingly. We will gladly answer any questions you might still have about the J1 visa for an internship or training in the USA.

  • The $220 SEVIS fee (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System monitored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security) is already included in the program costs.

  • There is no application fee involved. We deliver first! We send you the program fee invoice after we have seen all your documents and spoken with you.

  • Intrax calculates calendar program months by first and last day of your internship and not according to the length of your stay. Thus, if you arrive beforehand and stay in the U.S. for the grace period after the internship, we do not charge you for this time. Please note that you will have to purchase an extra month of insurance if you plan to use the 30-day grace period.

  • For the "Trainee" category, please take into account an additional processing fee of $/€100 for multiple training phases and additional review. Otherwise, we charge the same affordable program fees for interns and trainees.

J-1 Pricing Calculator

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12 months
Starting Price

Additional Costs

The following are costs for extra service features that you might or might not need. Participants from within the Eurozone countries receive an invoice in € and everyone else pays in US$.

Trainee Processing Fee
Please note that for trainees, there is an additional processing fee of $/€ 100 for multiple training phases and additional review.

Program fees for a J2 visa
If you have a spouse and/or a child or children and would like them to accompany you for the duration of your stay or part of it, you may apply for a J2 visa on behalf of each family member. As a J1 applicant you simply add your spouse or dependent minors to the J1 registration on the MyIntraxProfile

595 € / $660 for the first month
95 € / $105 for every additional month

Fee for On-Site Visit
Additional costs for an on-site visit are: 215 € / $245 (non-refundable!). An on-site visit is only necessary if Intrax has not yet sponsored a J1 intern at the company AND the internship company has less than 25 employees AND less than $3 million annual revenue.
Please note that in case your host company is located in a remote location, the on-site visit might incur additional travel expenses.
Please note: We would also need to do a site visit during the program if the host company relocates and does not meet the host company requirements.

Fee for an Expedite Service
While Intrax generally processes your DS-2019 in only 2 weeks, you might be in a situation of needing to start your internship sooner than anticipated. We offer an expedited J1 visa service of 4 business days for issuing the DS-2019. Please note that Intrax still depends on interns, trainees and supervisors to submit and sign documents on time and to schedule calls on time in order to issue your DS-2019 form within the 4 business days. Please contact us for more information.

DS Form Reprint and Shipment
In case you gave incorrect personal data information on your MyIntrax registration or in case your program dates change after Intrax has issued your DS-2019 form, Intrax will print and ship the updated form. The costs for a DS Form reprint and shipment are: 125 € / $135

J1 Program Extension
If you and your host company have agreed upon extending your stay and if this extension still remains within the total permitted time frame (maximum of 12 months for interns, 18 months for trainees, 12 months for both internships and trainings in Hospitality & Tourism), Intrax will request an additional phase on your DS-7002 training plan and extend the program duration. Please contact us for more information.

Placement Fee
If you do not have the time or resources to find an internship or training on your own, we are in many circumstances able to provide you with a placement related to your field of study. Please visit the Intrax’ globalinternships.com website for program information and pricing.

Cancelation - cancelation fee / reimbursement of program fees
If you cancel your program participation, we will invoice you a cancelation fee or retain part of your program fee depending on where you were at in the application process at the time of cancelation. Please contact us if you have concerns about the likelihood of a program cancelation.

If you are a resident of Germany or Austria, the J1 refund policy can be found under the german costs and benefits for the J1 visa program.

  • Cancelation before issue of DS-2019: Cancelation Fee: 390 € / $430

  • Intrax Inc. rejects the application: 110 € / $120

  • Cancelation after issue of DS-2019: Cancelation Fee: 740 € / $820

  • Cancelation in case of visa denial: Cancelation Fee: 650 € / $720

  • Cancelation after program start: No refund for J1 and J2 visa service 

  • J2 visa - program cancellation for any reason: Cancellation fee: 215€ / $240 per person

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