Step by Step to Your J1 Internship or Training in the USA

We welcome you to choose Intrax as the sponsor organization for your J1 visa. We are ready to issue the DS-2019 form for you. Just follow the 8 simple steps below to enable us to confirm your compliance with J1 visa requirements. If you are looking for more details, please check the full description of each step below.

Register for the Intrax J1 Visa Service
Register for the Intrax J1 Visa Service

Your registration for our J1 Visa USA Service begins with creating your secure profile on the MyIntraxPortal.

J1 Visa Document Upload
Document Upload

You can proceed uploading your documents once you have finished the registration for our J1 visa service. You do not have to upload all the documents at once but may add missing pieces later on.

Documents From Your J1 Host Company
Documents From Your J1 Host Company

We will contact your supervisor by e-mail to request two documents and confirm that the company does not employ more than one J1 intern or trainee per 5 full-time employees (5: 1 ratio). 

J1 Visa Phone Interview
Phone Interview and Program Fees

We will conduct a phone interview to answer any last questions and confirm that you meet the English requirement. We will then invoice the J1 program fees and your registration becomes binding.

Validation Call and DS-2019 Document
Validation Call and DS-2019 Document

In a validation call with your J1 host company we will confirm all placements details. If no on-site visit is required, the DS-2019 will be issued within two weeks after the call. Intrax will send it directly to your home address.

Pre-Departure Orientation and J1 Visa Interview
Pre-Departure Orientation and J1 Visa Interview

The Intrax Pre-Departure Orientation is conducted online. We will provide you with all necessary documents concerning the interview at the US Consulate or Embassy.

J1 Visa and Flight
J1 Visa and Flight

After approx. 5 - 7 business days, you will receive your passport including your visa, DS-2019 and DS-7002. Your flight should only be booked at this point. Your J1 visa will get activated upon entry.

Start Your Internship or Training Program
Start Your Internship or Training Program

The Intrax program manual is available for you in your MyIntrax Profile. Enjoy your stay, learn a lot, and keep in touch! We appreciate feedback, impressions and notes from the road.

Step 1: Register for the Intrax J1 Visa Service

Your MyIntrax profile contains your personal data as in the passport. Since the DS-2019 form is issued on this basis, the registration must be correct and complete. In addition, your profile includes information about your field of study, internship, potentially prior work experience and your J1 host company, so that we can contact your supervisor and request the necessary documents (Host Company Agreement and DS-7002).

You can stop the registration at any time and continue later or change information. The start and end dates for your internship in the USA can also be postponed in accordance with your host company until the DS-2019 has been issued. Your MyIntrax profile serves as a communication base throughout your program.

If you have dependents that will be applying for the J-2 Visa, you can use this registration to enter their information as well.

Apply Now for Your J1 Visa

Ready for Step 1? Would you like to apply right now for our J1 Visa Service? If you are a student or young professional who has found an internship or training opportunity at a U.S. company, we welcome you to apply with us for a J1 visa.

Step 2: Document Upload

These are the documents we need from you:

Copy of your passport (page with personal data only). If you are a citizen of a member of the “six months club“, your passports only needs to be valid as long as your stay in the USA. For all others, it needs to be valid for 6 months beyond the program end date.

English c.v./resume, American format starting with the most recent academic status/work experience

University Letter
Only applies to interns who are current university students.

University Letter Translation
If your university letter/school certificate is not in English, please translate it yourself.

Diploma / Certificate of Graduation
Only applies to recent graduates and trainees.

Please upload your official and latest transcript listing your current courses

Upload Terms & Conditions
Please sign and upload the Contract J1 Visa Service USA (see Download box on the right)

Proof of Financial Responsibility
If your host company pays you less than $1500 per month, we need a financial statement. You can either ask your parents or another first-degree relative to fill in and sign the Letter of Guarantee or you can ask your bank to complete the Financial Statement or to provide their own bank statement. Please note that the statement needs to be in English and that the amount has to be noted in US$ as well. The documents need to be type-written and have real signatures.

Upload Prior Visa
If you have held previous U.S. visa, please upload a copy of the relevant passport page.


When uploading documents, you can ignore the request to upload a photo. You also do not need to upload a job offer letter or a host company contract. When asked about your prior work experience, interns may answer “none“.

Step 3: Documents From Your J1 Host Company

Based on your registration, we will contact your supervisor by e-mail to request two documents. You will be in copy throughout our e-mail correspondence with your supervisor. In addition to requesting documents, we ask your company to confirm that they do not employ more than one J1 intern or trainee per 5 full-time employees (5: 1 ratio). Youi may also wish to clarify this yourself in advance to save time and costs.

Host Company Agreement
We will e-mail the Host Company Agreement and request the completed and signed contract. By signing the Host Company Agreement, your J1 host company verifies their compliance with the Regulations for the Exchange Visitor Program (22 CFR Part 62) of the US Department of State. Thus, your position qualifies as an internship or training, does not replace an American employee and must be understood as a cultural exchange program.

DS-7002 Training Internship Placement Plan
We will send your supervisor the Training Internship Placement Plan DS-7002. The first two sections cover company data such as the tax number, annual revenue, number of employees, workers' compensation insurance and, if applicable, the amount of a stipend or other forms of compensation.

The third section is divided into practical modules, so-called phases. Phases may either be a rotation through different departments or several modules in the same department. The phases serve to show a structured professional development.

Each phase asks for information about the intern’s/trainee’s role, goals and objectives, qualification of the supervisor, specific skills to be learned, method of supervision, evaluation, and planned cultural activities.

Interns generally only have to go through one phase. An exception is an internship in the field of Hospitality & Tourism which does require phases. For example, a six-month internship in a hotel requires three phases.

Trainees must go through several phases in the DS-7002 in all traineeship areas, with no module lasting more than four months.

In addition to the questions about the content of the tasks and projects, the role and function of the trainee, the method of the guidance, the supervisor's qualifications, the success of the learner etc., there is also a question of planned cultural activities for each phase during the J1 cultural exchange program can. It is important that you will have the opportunity to get to know the American way of life outside the company day, as the J1 category serves to support cultural diplomacy and international understanding.

Step 4: Phone Interview and Program Fees

Once we have verified that your documents and the host company’s documents are complete and meet the J1 visa guidelines, we arrange a telephone interview with you. This serves to answer any last questions you might have and to confirm that you fulfill the English language requirement. We need to verify that your English skills are advanced enough for professional communication with supervisors, employees and customers.

After the telephone interview, we will invoice you the J1 program fees for our visa service. Only at this point does your registration become binding, so that a cancelation would entail cancelation fees. See our refund policy for more information.

Step 5: Validation Call and DS-2019 Document

Upon receipt of your payment, Intrax as J1 visa sponsor will conduct the final evaluation of all documents. If your J1 host company has not yet cooperated with Intrax, we will ask your supervisor to schedule a convenient time for a validation call to confirm all placements details. This call is part of J1 compliance and needs to take place in order for you to receive the DS-2019. 

After the validation call, you and your supervisor will be notified to electronically sign the final training plan DS-7002. If no on-site visit is required and the validation call takes place directly upon Intrax contacting your supervisor, the DS-2019 will be issued within two weeks. Intrax will send it directly to your home address.

Step 6: Pre-Departure Orientation and J1 Visa Interview

Intrax headquarters will now notify you to login into your MyIntrax profile…

  • … to conduct the Intrax Online Pre-Departure Orientation.

  • … enter the visa interview date at the U.S. Consulate.

  • … indicate the date when you received the J1 visa.

  • … specify your flight details.

We send you…

  • … your SEVIS ID number (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) so that you can arrange an appointment with the US Consulate.

  • ... guidelines on how to fill in the visa application form (DS-160) for the U.S. Consulate.

  • ... information concerning the embassy interviews and the payment of the consulate fee.

  • ... Information on how to print the SEVIS payment receipt (Intrax paid the $220 for you at this time).

  • ... Information about the program on site: check-in, contact person, social security card, travel, change of address etc.

On the website of the US Embassy you can also read which documents you should bring to the meeting at the U.S. Consulate. Please check the wait times for the J1 visa interview at the U.S. Consulates close to you.

Step 7: J1 Visa and Flight

The interview at the US Consulate takes place in English and usually only takes a few minutes. Please bring the following documents for the visa application:

  • Signed DS-2019

  • Final, signed version of the DS-7002

  • Confirmation form of the online application form DS-160

  • Copy of J1 visa interview appointment containing the proof of payment of the consular fee

  • Proof of payment of the SEVIS fee

  • passport photo

  • passport

Your home ties and your future career plans in your home country might be addressed during the interview.  The J1 visa program is not an immigration visa and you will be expected to return to your home country once your program ends.

After approx. 5 - 7 business days, you will receive your passport including your visa, DS-2019 and training plan DS-7002.

Flight ticket

Please note that the U.S. Embassy advises to book the flight only at this point. No one is liable for delaying the issuance of the visa and for fees related to a flight change.


Since we offer the J1 visa service for internship placements nationwide, we can unfortunately not offer accommodation. The best source of information regarding housing is probably your J1 host company and possibly former interns. If they cannot refer you to specific apartments, perhaps they can point you to a reputable hostel or other inexpensive housing opportunities for the first month. You can then look for a rental place while already being on site.
There are a number of housing portal websites offering shared and furnished rooms or apartments. Please be aware with scams with regard to deposits. Looking at the housing portals will give you an idea about the rent you will need to calculate for your stay.

Step 8: Start Your Internship or Training Program

The Intrax program manual is available for you in your MyIntrax Profile. Please use it as a resource for important information about your time during your J1 internship in the USA.

When entering the USA, you need your passport with the visa and the attached DS-2019. You must also provide your first address in the USA. Your J1 visa will get activated upon entry.

It is very important that you do the check-in in the MyIntrax portal within three days since Intrax needs to update your whereabout in the SEVIS database of the U.S. government. Please also react to the feedback notifications every month so that Intrax can fulfill the monitoring tasks as a J1 sponsor.

Social Security Card
If your internship is paid, you need a Social Security Card. You can apply for this card approximately 4-5 days after your check-in in the USA. For further information on the Social Security Card (SSC), please refer to the Intrax program manual. For the Social Security Card application, you need the DS-2019, the I-94 number, and your passport. If you have already applied for a Social Security Card in the US, you do not have to apply for a new one, just make sure you know your SSC number. The Social Security number is valid for a lifetime!

Another general note: The Social Security Card and the Social Security number noted on it are often used in the USA as a form of identification. You might need to provide this number, for example, if you want to open a bank account or purchase a mobile phone contract. Thus, you might want to apply for the card even if your internship is not paid.

Enjoy your stay, learn a lot, keep in touch and perhaps add a link to us when writing a blog. We appreciate feedback, impressions and notes from the road.

Apply Now for Your J1 Visa

Finished with reading? Ready to apply? We welcome you to apply with us for a J1 visa.