About the J1 Visa

If you have received an offer from an American company for an internship or training, then you have already accomplished the most challenging task. You have convinced your future supervisors of your abilities and talents. But in order to complete an internship in the USA, you will need a special visa. The J1 visa in is a non-immigrant visa designed to enable foreign nationals to participate for a specific time in educational and cultural programs in the United States. The U.S. Department of State has designated a few cultural exchange organizations like Intrax as J1 visa sponsors.

Intrax As Your J1 Visa Sponsor

Intrax has been a J1 sponsor for 30 years for our various exchange programs such as Au pair, High School, Work & Travel, Internships and Trainings. We are a renowned exchange organization and fulfill the U.S. government requirements every year. You can trust us as do the U.S. authorities.

We gladly welcome you to choose our J1 visa service to help you realize your professional ambitions. We take care of all legal formalities of your stay in the USA. Please ensure your supervisor that the J1 visa functions as an internship permit, making your stay legit. With Intrax, you have found an experienced sponsor organization for the J1 visa, which is free of cost to the host company.

J1 Visa Service – Our Benefits

  • Fast Service: Intrax issues the DS-2019 for your J1 visa within two weeks upon confirmation of eligibility

  • Easy Process: Submit all documents online and schedule calls at your convenience

  • No Risk: No application fee. You pay the program fee after we have seen all relevant documents

  • Fair Costs: Affordable fees only for the months of the internship, not for the time spent in the United States before or after

  • Same application process for interns and trainees

  • Experience: Intrax has been offering cultural exchange programs based on J1 visa requirements for 30 years

  • Communication: We advise you before and stay in touch during your stay to monitor your progress and satisfaction with regular check-ins

  • Insurance provided: Your health and well-being are important to us

  • Trust: Year after year, the U.S. Department of States trusts Intrax’s commitment to achieve the J1 visa objectives for students, young professionals and host companies – and so can you!

J1 Visa - Our Service

In order to apply for a J1 visa at your closest American consulate, you will need to present a Certificate of Eligibility, called the DS-2019. Only sponsor organizations such as Intrax can issue this form. We provide the DS-2019 form, which serves as confirmation that we have ensured that the internship, company and intern are eligible and abide by all J1 visa requirements. The requirements for the J1 visa for interns and trainees are subject to continual changes, as the US Department of State wants to ensure that the program fulfills all criteria of a professional cultural exchange program. Next to learning about American business methods and American work life, exchange visitors shall get to know the American way of life. In fact, your internship outline needs to include planned cultural activities. We ensure eligibility and are a reliable partner for interns, trainees, host companies and the US Department of State.

Apply Now for Your J1 Visa

Know enough already? Would you like to apply right now for our J1 Visa Service? If you are a student or young professional who has found an internship or training opportunity at a U.S. company, we welcome you to apply with us for a J1 visa.

View Our J1 Visa Service for the DS-2019 Application in a Nutshell.

We will…

  • … verify your eligibility to participate in the Exchange Visitor Program

  • … confirm your placement with your host company

  • … ensure that your host company and your internship meet all the requirements set out by the U.S. Department of State

  • … process and issue your DS-2019 form within two weeks of receiving your application, payment and placement confirmation

You will…

  • … schedule an appointment at the U.S. embassy closest to you to apply for the J1 visa

  • … have a fantastic internship or training in the USA

J1 Visa Categories

The J1 visa can be issued for interns and for trainees. Please decide which category is right for you and tick the appropriate option when you register in MyIntrax. Note that the application process is identical. We simply need to verify for which J1 visa category we should issue the DS-2019 form. If you are still unsure, we are happy to advise you. Feel free to contact us.

  • J1 Internship Visa Objective

    Obtain practical experience to help reinforce your academic studies in a professional setting while you learn about U.S. business culture. The internship in the USA must therefore relate directly to your field of study. The J1 Internship visa is for students who are enrolled full-time in a university or college outside of the U.S. or for recent graduates who have received their degree within 12 months prior to the start of the internship. The J1 Internship Visa is issued for a maximum of 12 months.

  • J1 Training Visa Objective

    Enhance your career through a structured training program and improve your knowledge of U.S. business culture. The training in the USA must therefore relate directly to your studies and your profession. The J1 training visa is for young professionals who possess a degree or certificate from a university or college outside of the U.S. and 1 year of related professional experience; alternatively, trainees have 5 years of related professional experience. The training is in a field which relates to your degree and professional experience.

J1 Visa Program Dates

Planning a program abroad involves many dates: When can I enter the U.S.? When can I start working? How long can I stay? Can I change my dates? If you do not find the answers below, please visit our FAQ section.

Program Start

We offer the program year-round. Please note that our 2-week-processing time for issuing the DS-2019 is based on first having received all documents required from you and your host company containing no errors; second on you and supervisor having made time for a validation phone call; third on having received the program fees.

Please give yourself enough time for unexpected delays. 

If an on-site visit of your company is required, scheduling such an in-person visit might delay the J1 visa process. (On-site visits are only due if Intrax has not worked with a company in the past and the company has less than 25 employees and its annual revenue is below $3 Million.)

The wait time for an interview at your local U.S. consulate varies depending on the season. You should calculate a few weeks after you have received the DS-2019 for the embassy appointment and for receiving the J1 visa in your passport in the mail.

Grace Period

The DS-2019 form contains only the internship data, meaning the first and last day at your J1 host company. The so-called Grace Period automatically allows you spend time in the USA before and up to 30 days after the end of the internship. You can use this time to settle down, take care of things or travel. However, you must not enter and re-enter the United States during the Grace Period. The Grace Period data are not shown on the DS-2019.

No Program Fees during the Grace Period

Good for you: We do not invoice time spent during the Grace Period. Our program fees are solely for the monthly duration of the internship or training.

Program Extension

With the consent of your J1 host company and your J1 sponsor Intrax, it is possible to extend the internship. For this, we need to review an additional phase on your Training Internship Placement Plan DS-7002. The maximum duration of 12 months for an internship or 18 months for a training cannot be exceeded by an extension.

Visa Dates

The expiration date on the J1 visa is the latest date by which you are eligible to re-enter the United States, i.e. after traveling.

Visa Wait Times Between Two J1 Visa Programs

It is possible to complete a second internship in the same J1 guest company. However, the DS-7002 training plan need to provide evidence that you will work on new tasks and projects. The second internship in the USA should therefore not be a repeat of the first.

The waiting times (Home Residence Requirements) between two J1 Visa programs are:

  • Between two internships while being a university or college student: 1 semester

  • Between an internship during university studies and an internship after graduation: 90 days

  • Between an internship and a training: 2 years

  • Between two trainings: 2 years

  • Between a training and an internship (e.g. upon enrollment in a master's program): 1 semester

  • Between another exchange program (Au pair, Work & Travel) and an internship: 90 days

Travel Dates

You may leave the US during the internship or training, but not longer than 30 days at time. For the first international trip, you need to send the DS-2019 form to Intrax in San Francisco, where the Travel Validation will be approved and signed. This travel authorization is valid for one year. For travel within the USA, you do not need travel validation.

Apply Now for Your J1 Visa

Finished with reading? Ready to apply? We welcome you to apply with us for a J1 visa.