You are a student or young professional who has found an internship or training opportunity at a U.S. company? Congrats to you. But in order to complete an internship in the USA, you will need a special visa. Learn everything you need to know about the J1 visa:

About the J1 Visa

We explain everything you need to know about the J1 visa: categories, program dates, waiting times, our service.

J1 Visa DS-2019

To apply for your J1 visa, you will need the DS-2019 form from your sponsor. Find out what this is all about.

J1 Visa How to find an internship

We give you tips for your perfect application for your internship in the USA.

J1 Visa Applications Process

Eight easy steps to your dream of an internship in the USA. What are you waiting for? Start now... with step 1.

J1 Visa Costs and Benefits

No hidden costs, no application fee! Read our prices and benefits for your internship or trainee in the USA.

J2 Visa for Your Family

You will need a J2 visa to take your family with you during your internship. We'll explain the details.